MySQL Shutdown Unexpectedly Fix – 2023

If you are facing an issue with MySQL shutting down unexpectedly, there could be a few reasons for this problem. Here are some potential solutions to try:

Reasons Behind the error:

  1. Check MySQL Error Logs: The first step is to check the MySQL error logs to see if there are any clues as to why MySQL is shutting down unexpectedly.
  2. Check Available Disk Space: Another reason why MySQL might be shutting down unexpectedly is due to low disk space on the server.
  3. Check MySQL Configuration Settings: It is also possible that the MySQL configuration settings are causing the problem. Make sure that the “max_allowed_packet” setting in the MySQL configuration file is set high enough to accommodate the size of the data being processed.
  4. Restart MySQL: Sometimes, restarting the MySQL service can help resolve the issue. You can restart MySQL by using the command “service mysql restart” or “systemctl restart mysql”.
  5. Upgrade MySQL: If you are running an older version of MySQL, consider upgrading to the latest version. The latest version of MySQL may have bug fixes and improvements that can help resolve the issue.

How to fix MySQL Shutdown Unexpectedly

  1. Go to xammp folder and find mysql folder
  2. Inside mysql folder you will found data folder copy it and backup it
  3. Then inside data folder – delete “mysql, performance_schema,phpmyadmin, and test ” folder
  4. Also delete other files except ibdata1

Now MySQL will be working without any errors.

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