Migrate WordPress Website to New Host Manually

We can manually migrate WordPress website from one host to another host or local server to live. It’s a little bit tricky process. We have to follow the below steps for this little migration operation.

1. Backup WordPress Files:

We need to backup our WordPress files. For this we have to go your cPanel or FTP. Login and search for public_html folder. Under this folder select all files and zip the files and download it. Save it to your local computer.

2. Export Database:

We have to export current local or staging website database. We will found database name in wp_config file. After matching the name we have to export all tables inside the Database in SQL format.

3. Upload WordPress Files:

In this steps you have to upload your staging or local website download zip file to new hosing via cPanel or FTP. It will take some times depending the file size.

4. Create New Database:

  1. You have to create a new database. Create a new database by entering the new database name, username, and password in the corresponding fields and click Create. Take note of these new credentials and make sure not to forget them.
  2.  Find your newly created database and click Enter phpMyAdmin. On the phpMyAdmin page, click the Import tab located at the top of the page. Leave all settings as is and click Go. Import your staging or local database here.

5. Update wp_config File:

In this steps you have to update wp_config file that is located where the WordPress installed in public_html folder. You have to change 3 line code. You can edit it text editor or code editor. Changes are-

  • DB_NAME: Replace the datebase name with new database name
  • DB_USER: Replace the user with new database User
  • DB_PASSWORD: same as the password
  • DB_HOST – database hostname. This is usually localhost, but may vary depending on the hosting provider.

6. Update URL:

You have to update your site URL. For this go to your new database via phpmyadmin. Find out wp_options option tables. You have to replace site_url and update it as your domain name. Same edit as home row. Then you can check your website in incognito or private mode on browser.

Finally after login your WordPress admin panel you have to flash or update permalinks

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